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Mentoring Program

Members of AFP East Texas Chapter enjoy many opportunities and benefits.  AFP has grown to be a most significant force in fundraising because of the unmatched willingness of its members to give back to their profession.  Anyone who attends the International Conference is struck by the many volunteers and presenters who offer their time and expertise to help others.  At the local chapter level this same opportunity exists in the form of the Mentoring Program. 

AFP East Texas has many members who are quite experienced in all aspects of fundraising.  The goal of the Mentoring Program is to make that expertise available to members who are less experienced.  This is accomplished by a matching of need and experience as expressed by the attached applications.  If you have expertise to offer, please complete the Mentor Application.  If you have a need for help in a particular area, please complete the Mentee Application.  Send the competed forms to the chapter address or turn them in at a chapter meeting. 

Mentors and Mentees will be matched up and the Mentor will make a contact with the Mentee to set up a meeting to discuss a Mentor/Mentee relationship.  While we suggest that the relationship will last for a year, there may be circumstances where more or less time will be required.  While this is a “free” service to members it is important for the Mentor and Mentee to agree on terms of the relationship, including frequency of meetings, expected time commitments, limitations from either party, or other details. 

A Mentor Program Committee will monitor the progress of the relationship and work to encourage and support the effort.

To participate in the program, please complete one of the following forms:

2013 Mentor Application

2013 Mentee Application